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Welcome to No1 Fitness (Tower/London Bridge & The City Studio), the place for men and women to be to get real results. Our concept is like no other and the fact that our head trainer Ben Camara has been crowned Champion Personal Trainer of the Year 2013 by Men’s Health Magazine, is testament to the quality of training and results you will achieve. Ben’s team is here to get you the results you want either through one on one personal training or 30 minute fitness slots; both are great ways of getting results within your budget.



If you are looking for personal training in London or a personal training studio then this is the place for you.  The studios have been specifically designed to put years of knowledge and experience to work in the best environment. The No1 Fitness Team will get you the results you want. No queuing for equipment, no waiting around, no random posers, just solid personal training from trainers who make a real difference.

Knowing your goals makes progress a lot easier to chart. We will work with you to create a nutrition and specific training program tailored to achieve the maximum from every personal training session.

There is no magic solution which works for everyone and that's why the tailored, holistic approach, which all No1 Fitness personal trainers deliver to clients, is unique. We will never recycle workout programmes or simply stand by and watch you workout for an hour while counting you down. This is motivation at its best. Every personal training session is planned to maximise both your enjoyment and the results you get from it.

Not convinced that personal training is for you? Check out our Results at No1 section and see what we have achieved with some of our existing clients.

Fitness slots are a great way to get into a fitness routine. These 30 minute sessions are perfect for the busy lifestyle. Now there is no excuse for being tied to your desk. Each session hosts a maximum of four people, using a range of equipment inside and outside of the studio.TRX, Power plates and Kettlebells all have their place and when you know what to do with them, you’ll be hooked. Every session will never be the same, making it more enjoyable and more effective. If you love fitness classes, then come in and try our Fitness slots. YOU WILL LOVE THEM.   

Our personal training studios are located in SE1 and EC3A (close vicinity to London Bridge and Tower Bridge & 3 minutes walk from Liverpool St station right next to the Gherkin) and each offers the perfect environment for you to achieve your goals. If you're not local to SE1 or EC3A then take a look at our Home Personal Training options.

Still not convinced? Why not book in for a free taster session? We're confident that once you meet us and understand what we are about and what we can do for you you'll be hooked!



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